The Fashionista Dream App has Arrived…

Today- Polyvore every real life Fashionista or Fashionista want-a-be- app has arrived.  Wow- I am on this one.

“This is our opportunity to democratize fashion,” said Lee, a fashionista and former Google employee who joined Polyvore after playing around with the beta, and getting totally hooked.

The back-end where algorithms can quickly determine the sets and individual products that are trending,  pushing  them to the top of the search rankings.  Users will find over time that the experience is tailored to them —the algorithm gets smarter about users’ taste.


Website Architecture: what you don’t know will hurt your rankings

It has come to my attention that more often than not a client’s or prospects website architecture (the back end structure) is lacking in the basics of what is really going to help them optimize their online business presence.  In general most organizations are concerned with aesthetic design, features and functionality of their website. This is all well a good although the architecture of a website is the most important element in website creation.  How the back end structure of a site interacts with search engines will impact the overall success of an online presence.  Good site maps (Page lists) XML maps, targeting the placement of content as well as editing the underlying source code to remove any hindrances to search engine rankings.  The best method to confirm your site architecture is healthy is to build it right from the beginning and by doing analytics with tools to find any gaps.National Positions will do a complimentary website review which includes site architecture.

New Tools for Monitoring Social Media Eco-System

This article just came in from Mike Butcher Tech Crunch.   Instagram, the nifty tweeting story telling platform for your phone can  be used effectively by businesses to promote their Brand.  Now with another tool for the social media analytic space which makes understanding your ROI even better,  using Instagram for business is all more enticing.  See article link

Determining Factors for a Page’s Rank

One of the most important determining factors for a page’s rank is the number of inbound links. Google pioneered this technique to determining popularity and relevance. This is one fundamental reason Google has become so popular, and most search engines have adopted using this measurement. This metric may be especially challenging for a newer website which has not developed a mature linking program.  Web users generally share interesting, relevant content on social media sites, which is one way a website can generate more inbound links.  To learn more visit this video

Wooden Sunglasses Create Eye Clinics in India

“Sustainable eye wear company, Proof, is on a mission to make sunglasses that have the “power to make a change in the world,” so states their press release. The unisex shades are made with sustainably sourced wood, including ebony, zebrawood, and bamboo–they have foldable sunnies, too”.  Read more here:

Heinz Ketchup packaging has grown roots

“Coke’s patented PlantBottle, made from up to 30 percent plant-based material, will now be used for Heinz ketchup. Heinz says it will convert all of its 20-ounce bottles in the U.S. this summer”.  Read more here for the full article

Quality not Quantity with your e-marketing

Happy New Year !  As it is already mid-January you should have your marketing calendar for the year together about now; or in the very least 1st and  2nd Quarter. Mapping out campaigns will give you better control over your marketing dollar and messaging.  Larger companies will already  be firming up their 2011 Holiday  this month. Remember engaging with your prospects to buy,  or  fund-raising does not mean inundating them with worthless copy.  Be short, sweet and deliver something of value.  A good article to review is here….