Marketing Man Holes and Fiascos

Big companies are not immune from making large marketing blunders.  Remember Coco Cola’s New Coke Fiasco? When it comes to early stage business and limited mistake funds keeping tight control on the marketing dollar is critical.

As an entrepreneur in the early days I remember the execution of a product line into Whole Foods. I was thrilled.  Eventually I watched in horror as inventory languished and stores managers became impatient for the products to sell.  If indeed I had done my research read: Guerilla Marketing Research by Robert J. Kaden– a lot of heart ache would of been avoided.  A good sum of money  was paid to a marketing consultant I had trusted but who had not done her homework either.  Do the research first, get the numbers and  facts then test, test and test.

Being passionate about your product or cause is a wonderful thing but just make sure you have done your research and someone is willing to listen or buy what you are delivering.


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