Novice Email Marketing Signs to Avoid

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  • You have no branded email marketing plan for your organization.
  • You send inconsistent random emails to prospects and customers.
  • You have not set up a multiple touch sequence trigger campaign.
  • You do not have an  opt-in box on your site with autoresponder and take away.
  • You do not have a  branded email template which speaks about your organization.
  • You have not created Value Content and all you do is “sell” in emails.
  • You do not have a  promotional  or fund-raising campaign in your emails with deadlines and incentives.
  • You speak about your kids, vacations, your dog and details that do not relate to your business to fill up space.
  • Your company does not have consistent content or theme for your mission.
  • Your email touches are less than 2 x a month.

and wait there’s more….for a good overview of excellent email practices from one of my favorite online marketers and an excellent resource:
Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson – Founder of Guerilla Marketing Coaching.

tips:  find a good email client you can really use: / Aweber/ Vertical Response or better yet have your email campaigns built into your CRM system. I.E. Netsuite/ CLPsuite, Sales Force, and for more robust email practices- Infusionsoft.
Happy Emailing.


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