Website Architecture: what you don’t know will hurt your rankings

It has come to my attention that more often than not a client’s or prospects website architecture (the back end structure) is lacking in the basics of what is really going to help them optimize their online business presence.  In general most organizations are concerned with aesthetic design, features and functionality of their website. This is all well a good although the architecture of a website is the most important element in website creation.  How the back end structure of a site interacts with search engines will impact the overall success of an online presence.  Good site maps (Page lists) XML maps, targeting the placement of content as well as editing the underlying source code to remove any hindrances to search engine rankings.  The best method to confirm your site architecture is healthy is to build it right from the beginning and by doing analytics with tools to find any gaps.National Positions will do a complimentary website review which includes site architecture.


One response to “Website Architecture: what you don’t know will hurt your rankings

  1. Melody Yankovitch

    i am always impressed with modern architecture because it has a perfect balance with structural strength and design.:

    Our favorite blog
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