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Determining Factors for a Page’s Rank

One of the most important determining factors for a page’s rank is the number of inbound links. Google pioneered this technique to determining popularity and relevance. This is one fundamental reason Google has become so popular, and most search engines have adopted using this measurement. This metric may be especially challenging for a newer website which has not developed a mature linking program.  Web users generally share interesting, relevant content on social media sites, which is one way a website can generate more inbound links.  To learn more visit this video


Novice Email Marketing Signs to Avoid

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  • You have no branded email marketing plan for your organization.
  • You send inconsistent random emails to prospects and customers.
  • You have not set up a multiple touch sequence trigger campaign.
  • You do not have an  opt-in box on your site with autoresponder and take away.
  • You do not have a  branded email template which speaks about your organization.
  • You have not created Value Content and all you do is “sell” in emails.
  • You do not have a  promotional  or fund-raising campaign in your emails with deadlines and incentives.
  • You speak about your kids, vacations, your dog and details that do not relate to your business to fill up space.
  • Your company does not have consistent content or theme for your mission.
  • Your email touches are less than 2 x a month.

and wait there’s more….for a good overview of excellent email practices from one of my favorite online marketers and an excellent resource:
Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson – Founder of Guerilla Marketing Coaching.

tips:  find a good email client you can really use: / Aweber/ Vertical Response or better yet have your email campaigns built into your CRM system. I.E. Netsuite/ CLPsuite, Sales Force, and for more robust email practices- Infusionsoft.
Happy Emailing.