Living above our Planetary Limits

As all debts work eventually they need to be repaid.  In the  universal system of checks and balances the time has come where we are required to pay Mother Earth and work with her effectively.  Your business needs to understand its dependence on ecosystem services.  Read on…


Misconceptions and Retail Myths

Taken from Shari Waters, GuideIn retail, there are many misconceptions about what it takes to be successful. Customers, marketing or other retailing information came from bad advice, myths, or elsewhere, negative information can have a profound impact on our business decisions. The following examines common (and some not-so-common) retail myths.   Top 9 Myths of Retailing read more… Continue reading

Corporations Learning to Give More

In the spirit of the upcoming Holiday Season it is warming to know that the new generation of corporate business includes models of generosity and sensitivity to sustainable and social issues.  Corporations giving

Email and Social Media Making Nice

For a better understanding on how your e-marketing efforts through email and social media compliment each other:

By Sherry Chiger
Now that the talk is less about social media replacing email and more about how the channels complement each other, marketers are striving to ensure that they obtain maximum synergy from using them together. John Foley, Jr., CEO of InterlinkONE, discusses the differences between email and social media that make it important to integrate them effectively, and how to do just that.  Read Article

Pitfalls of Green Washing in your Supply Chain

Companies of all shapes and sizes are making attempts to reduce their carbon footprints and develop sustainable supply chains – whether it’s reusing recycled materials, lower-emission transport, retailers advertising air-miles on products or even planting new trees in the Amazon, it seems the world has gone carbon crazy.   But do you really know your supply chain and can you honestly promote your business as sustainable?

Research and check your sourcing and supply chain needs carefully. read more about common green washing practices.


Novice Email Marketing Signs to Avoid

Image representing AWeber Communications as de...

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  • You have no branded email marketing plan for your organization.
  • You send inconsistent random emails to prospects and customers.
  • You have not set up a multiple touch sequence trigger campaign.
  • You do not have an  opt-in box on your site with autoresponder and take away.
  • You do not have a  branded email template which speaks about your organization.
  • You have not created Value Content and all you do is “sell” in emails.
  • You do not have a  promotional  or fund-raising campaign in your emails with deadlines and incentives.
  • You speak about your kids, vacations, your dog and details that do not relate to your business to fill up space.
  • Your company does not have consistent content or theme for your mission.
  • Your email touches are less than 2 x a month.

and wait there’s more….for a good overview of excellent email practices from one of my favorite online marketers and an excellent resource:
Mastering Online Marketing by Mitch Meyerson – Founder of Guerilla Marketing Coaching.

tips:  find a good email client you can really use: / Aweber/ Vertical Response or better yet have your email campaigns built into your CRM system. I.E. Netsuite/ CLPsuite, Sales Force, and for more robust email practices- Infusionsoft.
Happy Emailing.

More Green For Halloween

Will children be receptive to an Organic Halloween?  Retailers looking to find better options to fuel the 5.8 million dollar Halloween retail market place are getting on board with finding options to the massive piles of candy collected by children and then much of it thrown  away.  Is organic sugar metabolized any differently than a regular sugar in a 6 year old’s body? Hum??? Read on here Continue reading